Want to sell more policies on Google?

We exponentially increase the profit of insurance companies through ranking you higher on profitable Google results. Your customers are already seeking your protection. Are you showing up for them?

Step 1​

Our team helps you identify searches with the highest profit potential based on future revenue and competition analysis.

Step 2

We optimise your site and pages with cutting-edge software.

Step 3

Then we secure high quality links on online editorial publications to drive these pages higher on Google searches.​

Step 4

We report by email at the end of the month with your links and analyse the results. No long meetings - just direct expertise.

Step 5

Repeat. Profit.
Our case studies show clients consistently seeing exponential results, significantly growing their books with high quality recurring clients.

Leading Expertise

Stewart Vickers is an SEO expert with more than five years of experience in growing profitable websites using organic traffic.

He has spoken on stages around the world about going the extra mile to get results by focusing on core fundamentals and maintaining attention to quality and detail.

He started his agency business after feeling shocked at the poor quality of most SEO agencies that charge high retainers and offer few deliverables.

How Do I Get Started?​

Submit the form below to get your own free audit. In this audit, one of our SEO consultants will walk you through any key issues holding your site back and put together an action plan to rank your website higher in Google and other search engines.

Our Case Studies

If you’ve worked with an SEO agency before then you probably already know that many are just sharks who charge a big retainer, deliver very little and drive minimal results.

We decided to change that by offering the actual deliverables that you need to succeed, rather than vague promises and jargon.

These case studies are not unique wins. They accurately represent the kinds of results most of our clients see within 3 – 6 months.

Don’t be fooled by marketers who focus on traffic volume rather than value. Commercial intent is everything (targeting users who are actually looking to buy). 

That’s why we measure what increased traffic would cost every month had you bought it via Google ads rather than ranking for those searches organically. 

This client was targeting a particularly high value search for buildings insurance. The page had good content but never really got off the ground until we secured 11 high quality editorial links that quickly pushed it up to page one of Google.

This core product ranked well initially when the client found a low competition/high value niche.

But the competition soon caught up.

We helped them get to a position better than where they were before.

Why Choose Us

No Lengthy Contracts

We don't lock you into a fixed term. Just a monthly subscription you can cancel anytime.

Insurance Specialist

We've got years of experience ranking insurance sites at the top of Google.


We don't charge a retainer and disappear. We simply give you the links you need to rank.


We include FREE consulting. It's in our interest to keep you getting results.


How do you optimise my insurance website?

We have a lengthy audit process that covers everything that separates insurance websites that rank on Google and make big profits and the majority of websites that don’t. 

This includes speed fixes and other technical aspects as well as looking at how your pages target keywords and what keywords you should be targeting.

We alos help with optimising your existing pages using cutting edge software that analyzes your competitors to find out what approaches Google is rewarding for each individual keyword.

What are editorial links and how can they help my business?

When Google began it had to work out a way to classify the huge volumes of content on the internet. The logical step was borrowed from the world of academic publishing and used links from other websites as votes of confidence in a site.

A page with more links pointing at it from around the web was therefore ranked higher for relevant searches.

It’s a true saying that marketers ruin everything – and early SEOs were quick to use every tactic to game this system with automated spam.

Google has consistently updated to punish such spammy tactics. Today backlinks remain one of the key pillars of SEO that can totally transform your business. But they need to be the right high quality backlinks.

For a start, power is very important. The most powerful links come from sites which themselves have lots of backlinks enhancing their authority in Google’s eyes.

But on an old site that’s quite normal. How much does Google really like a site and value its choices of who to link to?

94.3% of the internet has no traffic. Only a very small percent of websites get more than 1000 hits per month. We therefore only build links on these sites that Google clearly loves.

What other quality metrics do you look at?

Most link builders simply resell cheap links on the basis of two-dimensional metrics like Domain Authority and hope no one notices. Often those sites have been heavily spammed with links to casinos and other grey areas like essay writing services.

Aside from poor quality that could trigger a penalty from Google, a site that has thousands of links out to sites has had it’s power diluted.

Here are just some of the screening factors we use in our extensive process:

  • Domain Rating
  • Traffic Volume
  • Traffic Relevance
  • Traffic Location
  • Outbound Links
  • Homepage Links
  • Backlink quality (and signs of false manipulation – redirects, cloud stacks, web 2.0 spam)